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2022.01.19 01:07 filtrcoffee Why have the number of SRM patents gone down for Nidec?

Nidec acquired SR Drives (Very active in the SRM space) through its acquisition of Emerson in 2017. SR Drives had filed for a lot of patents in the 1990s but there's been no strong development in this space recently (last decade or so) from Nidec, apart from maybe just a couple of patents filed for SRM related applications.
Why would this be the case behind such a 'revolutionary' tech like SRM? What purpose then, does the acquisition of SR Drives serve?
Have SRMs been replaced by any other motors as the solution to energy efficiency and other characteristics?
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2022.01.19 01:07 Kosty_R13 A Puzzle Platformer where you can travel through Time & Space, Separately

Inspiration I'm a huge fan of puzzle platformers. Limbo, Inside, Little Nightmare(s) are my absolute favourite. I'm devising a similar game (similar in genre) with some unique mechanics that would set it apart from other games.
The Idea You can travel though time, just like we travel through space: Forward, Backward & Stop. These controls would be instrumental to the puzzle design. Apart from these, there would be certain ‘flashlights’ that you can shine on objects to give them certain properties. For example, always go forward in time (so that they retain the changes made in them even if we reverse the time). Your flashlights and the watch you are using to control time have a certain range (objects outside are unaffected).
I did try to design a puzzle myself but wasn't able to come up with one. If anyone does come up with puzzle, do comment it below.
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2022.01.19 01:07 Disentibot Cuando prendes la luz y ves la polilla que andaba volando por tu cuarto

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2022.01.19 01:07 homelessfish22 What children’s character would have an epic college movie?

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2022.01.19 01:07 InsomniaScroll My (39f) husband (42m) suffered a mental breakdown and is a totally different person

I never in a million years thought this would happen to us. We met, fell deeply in love, married, and shared 6 magical years together. Our relationship was the kind that strangers would point out to us, "you two are so adorable together!" We were best friends , and always going out of our ways to do little extras for each other.
He is a combat veteran with PTSD. We had issues resolving conflicts, he would shut down in anger and stay that way for hours or days. His anger management was non-existent.
His work pressure built up on him so much that he finally snapped one day back in September and had a complete breakdown. It was scary. A lot of screaming and demanding to be left alone. I left him alone for hours and hours at a time, then would check back on him to see if he wanted to talk/needing anything. The next day he decided that "I wasn't there for him" and would be packing up the car, the dog, and heading across the country to his family's vacation home. He said he was going there for 3 weeks to try to sort himself out, and he's been there for nearly 4 months. Every time we speak and I try to get some answers from him, he yells at me and hangs up. He's blamed me for things I haven't done to him. I've done everything I could possibly do to work with him to give him whatever he needed to regain his senses. When things in therapy were starting to look up, he found ways to sabotage the work and become upset about something else.
He's surrounded himself with friends and family members who enable his denial. They are the "don't get involved" kind of family.
Finally, in a last-ditch effort to try to get through to him I sent him a long email with everything I'd come to understand over the last 4 months: the mental abuse, the gaslighting, the abandonment, the enablers, etc. I said, "I need to take care of myself now. We will have no communication for the next few months. If you're able to take responsibility for your actions and acknowledge how much you've hurt our relationship, reach out. I'll reach out in March or April to see where we stand. If it's in the same place as we stand now, I'll have to file for divorce."
Today he emailed me. "I'm sorry for all the ways I've hurt you. I love you and truly want happiness for you and hope you can find it."
That response was a goodbye, wasn't it?
I had hoped that email may shake him awake, but his response sucked away the last bit of hope I had for us. I'm truly shattered.
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2022.01.19 01:07 FiXxX5 Does Fordham offer more courses in the Fall compared to Spring?

I felt like there was a significant difference in the number of courses offered between Fall / Spring.
I'm a little confused on why is this the case?
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2022.01.19 01:07 Accomplished_Worry35 Bro doe sis doe yay Edit မှာ သူ့ကိုအခုထိမတွေ့သေးဘူးရှင့်တဲ့ဗျာ ကူရှာပေးကြပါဦးဗျာ။ သာကေတကလို့တော့ cmt မှာပြော‌တယ်။ ဒါပေမဲ့ ၂ရက်တောင်း ရှိတော့မယ်ဆိုတော့ ဘယ်နေရာမဆိုရောက်နိုင်တယ်။ Post Link -

Bro doe sis doe yay Edit မှာ သူ့ကိုအခုထိမတွေ့သေးဘူးရှင့်တဲ့ဗျာ ကူရှာပေးကြပါဦးဗျာ။ သာကေတကလို့တော့ cmt မှာပြော‌တယ်။ ဒါပေမဲ့ ၂ရက်တောင်း ရှိတော့မယ်ဆိုတော့ ဘယ်နေရာမဆိုရောက်နိုင်တယ်။ Post Link - submitted by Accomplished_Worry35 to myanmar [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 01:07 Deus-system-failed I feel aimless and I never wanna speak to my friends ever again.

I don't have anything to look forward to at all. Graduation isn't anything, all I had to look forward to was time with friends; more and more they blow me off and just drift away. In retrospect It all makes sense.
They were never my friends, I was just a pity project. The writing on the wall has been there the entire time and even a few months ago my best friend told me so. I simply swallowed my pride and kept talking to them so I'd have someone to talk to. The other day was a boiling point, we made plans and they bailed again. I quickly scrolled and found eightteen times in the past year, only actually meeting up like we planned three times. My closest friend got defensive and said I was a creep for knowing that, it wasn't a big deal and shouldn't care that much. I just didn't press it and just said bye. He hasn't called or texted and I won't swallow my pride anymore. He said months ago that me calling and texting was bothersome but he did it so I wouldn't unalive myself but he didn't mind if that was the cost; it hurt terribly but I still relied on him.
After cutting out my toxic ex-boyfriend and attempting to no avail to reconnect with my older friends I really have no one. My life has become so lonely and I don't have anything to keep me tethered to the world. I don't wanna die, but I don't wanna life either. It's like my life is nothing but autopilot with the objective of survival. What's the point of living if all you can do is numb yourself to survive.
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2022.01.19 01:07 ahroy2 Which of the two is better, assuming same price?
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2022.01.19 01:07 throwawaylurker012 The “Tuesday Morning” Rabbit Hole + Revisiting the CMBS “Bigger Short” Pt. 3: 2017

The “Tuesday Morning” Rabbit Hole + Revisiting the CMBS “Bigger Short” Pt. 3: 2017 Note: Be forewarned this is my least technical of the DD series, and one I try to fancy up a bit with creative writing-y stuff. A good part of it is to also set the scene for Pt. 4: Pick Your Teams.
In Pt. 2, we mentioned that 2017 was when many of those who had wanted to short malls, like Jerica--who was later caught in a "mall" short squeeze or CMBS short squeeze by Chase--, were revving up their bets at the table. Before we move forward in time, let’s add to what the retail sector looked like around then in what may have been the most important year leading up to the “Bigger Short” on malls & retail stores like GameStop.
1. Retail in 2017 Around 2017, one of the biggest retail company fears was the rise of online shopping, even among clothing retailers (where you normally pretty much need to shop in person, try things on, etc.). Fitch had one specific stress test scenario it shouted a shit ton back then: a sped-up or accelerated 3-year shift in the clothing market where Amazon’s push into clothes could sink JCPenney’s, Dillards, and Kohl’s stock prices further. This would fan out and hit REITs (real estate investment trusts) and--you guessed it--CMBS loans hard:
“This shock would likely fan out broadly across retail real estate…we estimate that as many as 400 of approximately 1,200 US malls could close or be repurposed as a result of retailer liquidations and square footage reductions. Widespread defaults…would have a significant impact on credit quality for Fitch-rated CMBS transactions. Given the accelerated timeframe of this retail shock scenario, special servicers would be forced to sell lower tier malls at significantly distressed values rather than undertaking normal stabilizing efforts. We estimate that significant negative ratings migration would occur for 92 of 145 Fitch-rated CMBS classes in 19 deals. These 19 deals have exposure to retail loans exceeding 50% of the current pool.”
Fitch warned nearly 1 in 3 malls could close, and if Amazon powered up at full strength then most malls could barely muster the pocket change to break even on their leases. Some retail critics then added that the US had 5 times the malls in the UK per 100K people (per capita), and 2x Australia’s, adding to the views of failing malls.
For the country at large, back then as now wages were being hurt bad (woo America!):
Rising inflation, rising interest rates, and even a time when “a quarter-point increase in the Fed funds rate will hit consumers with $1.6 billion in extra finance charges on their credit cards” meant retail (you + me = us) would get more and more fucked, and have less and less to spend with retail even if we wanted.
In 2017, around the time that Jerica signed on to short malls with Chase, IHS Markit, who owns the CBMX loan bundles, said that as XRT dropped from poor retail performance, spreads were widening (potentially more money to be made on shorts) especially in BB- (dogshit rated) loans. CLOs with exposure to now-zombie stock Sears hurt hedge funds like Apollo Global Management worst with 30% exposure:
In case, Apollo Global Management doesn’t ring a bell, these posts might help:
Yes, that’s right. Apollo Global, the very same who bought out Yahoo Finance (“NFT marketplace = DoA + al Qaeda!”), where the person who held Gary Gensler’s job before–former SEC Chair–moved to to get a cushy job, with ragged cumtaint Leon Black at the helm, all while driving coal mining companies into the ground and bankruptcy while they suppress worker wages? Ah yes, that Apollo.
And oh wait, most importantly…they also tried to buy GME back in 2019, potentially bidding for the firm back in Feb. 2019 alongside Sycamore Partners for a private buyout.

Apollo Global Management & Sycamore Partners. 2019.
So Apollo, at the very least, who we know was trying to buy GME back in 2019 also had an early hand being caught in the mousetrap that was exposure to CMBS loans (specifically Sears) starting to falter back in 2017. (And in case, you’re wondering if Apollo Global Management will come up again in this CMBS saga, spoiler alert: they do.)
That same year of 2017, analyst Crystal Kim mentioned how despite Macy’s & JCPenny’s small slice of XRT (2% then) it wasn’t too much trouble yet for the CMBS sector. This was as earlier in March of 2017, Bloomberg was already shouting about Wall Street’s “Next Big Short” even then publicly:
“Cracks have started to appear. Prices on the BBB- (dogturd) pool of CMBS have slumped from roughly 96 cents on the dollar in late January to 87.08 cents last week, index data compiled by Markit show…Many of the malls are anchored by the same struggling tenants, like Sears, J.C. Penney and Macy’s (all either zombie stocks or meme stocks), and large-scale closures could be ‘disastrous’ for the mortgage-backed securities. In the worst-case scenario, the BBB- tranche could incur losses of as much as 50 percent, while the BB portion might lose 70 percent.”
For ETFs that tracked retail, like XRT that year, it had also been apparel heavy in mid- to late- year (22% of the ETF’s weight). Despite all this, I was able to find no real links between XRT and CMBX or CMBS loans apart from one unruly SeekingAlpha (SA) blogger called “Heisenberg” playing up the potential short in April 2017:
"For instance, BofAML recently (and this is a quote from a note out this week) "chalked up the [61,000 retail jobs that were lost over February and March] to a slowdown in consumer activity on weak demand for seasonal goods...According to Bank of America aggregated credit and debit card data, we see considerable weakness in card spending in department stores "
Look at this chart which compares CMBX 6 tranches (BBB- has been the short du jour) spreads to spreads on corporate credit retail names:
Or, you can short CMBX 7 BBB- which, as you can see below, is probably trading far to tight versus CMBX 6 BBB-...

He later ended up saying that the 6 trade was old news and if you reallyyyyy wanted to get early you short CMBX.7 instead (if you even could). But since most retail investors couldn’t (remember the whole needing a Bloomberg terminal to even find CMBX?), well…

Again, if you're in anything that's tied to brick and mortar (XRT), you need to get out, and get out now. Because as you can see, the writing on the wall couldn't possibly be any clearer.
It is over for brick and mortar. Game. Set. Match.
I don't care how you trade it - pile into the CMBX 6 short, be the guy who shorts CMBX 7 while the getting is good, buy protection on the underlying individual names, buy puts, short the physical retailers. Whatever.
Just don't be the guy/gal who looks up five years from now and wonders what happened!

Speaking of XRT, I also haven’t been able just yet to factor in XRT’s short interest into my research fully, especially from around 2017, as seen in posts like these (credit to u/fastpath7):
Although there are some noticeable spikes into early 2018 (we don't get short interest like that until now in XRT), I haven't been able to confirm or deny whether more than average short interest began around 2017, when more and more may have been piling into the CMBX short (and for extra spice, shorted XRT alongside).
On another side note, an extra side XRT fact I found: in 2012, the SEC settled over charges of insider trading with ex-Goldman employee Spencer Mindlin and his daddy Arthur. Using info from his old job, Spencer could front run big trades by Goldman employee on stocks that would be added or taken off XRT before it was announced. He’d buy huge chunks before Goldman did, and would short companies before Goldman sold en masse. He “...anticipated Goldman’s trades by calculating the shares that Goldman would need to trade in order to hedge its XRT position.” Literally, fraud fuckers everywhere.
2. Sears & Seritage Growth Properties So we already knew that as early as 2017, hedge funds and banks thought malls & other business real estate could fail. That included Jerica stepping into CMBX.4 to short it, as well as analysts pushing the trade on bundles even until 2019 for CMBX.6, which contained GameStop.
Now, I didn’t end up finding the MP report from Pt. 1 first in this rabbit hole. I actually found out about GameStop being a part of bundles like CMBX.6 when I looked to see if GME had any exposure to CMBS loans itself. One example was the Glenbrook Square Mall in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
With a $820 million loan first made by Goldman (originator), it was bundled with other malls including one in Lubbock, Texas (tranche). Both malls had GameStop, Sears, JcPenney, and Claire’s stores among others like Macy’s, Payless & Children’s Place. Forbes wrote about those stores that “all…are closing stores or have been identified as being among the most troubled companies on S&P Global’s list of retailers.” Then THAT bundle was then passed to Wells Fargo who cut it up (like Jim Cramer cuts up coke) into 3 other bundles: one deal for Goldman, Wells Fargo, and Citi each (CMBS). With more fuckery included, that Glenbrook mall was owned by Seritage Growth Properties, a spinoff of Sears Holdings made by Sears CEO and hedge fund cunt extraordinaire Edward Lampert back in 2015.
distended scrotum or ex-Sears & Kmart CEO Eddie Lampert
This Seritage spin off let then Sears CEO Eddie Lampert sell 230+ Sears & Kmart stores to Seritage, then lease the SAME space to other tenants with jacked up rents. That $2.8 billion buy was helped wrapped up into a CMBS later with Chase where literally ONE ENTIRE CMBS loan is backed by some of those jacked up rent properties Seritage & Chase worked on. A Forbes writer might have been secretly calling out Lampert for this utter bullshit if he was trying to save Sears (which surprise he wasn’t): “The financial goals of Sears and Seritage, then, are not necessarily aligned, given that Sears closures could potentially damage the retailer yet benefit the REIT spinoff.”
This ends up being tricky for malls. If you remember in Pt. 1, KeyBank helped finance a loan for a property that contained Tuesday Morning, but it was “anchored” by a Fairway. Deals like this Indiana one meant if that Sears collapsed, then maybe the GameStop nearby does too. And when that happens, we get a dead mall.
3. Anchor Stores and Dead Malls
For non-US apes, it might not be too obvious but retail–and especially malls–were a huge part of the landscape of the US and even American history. Although you had predecessors to malls that first began in the 1800s like the Arcade above (built in 1828) in Providence, Rhode Island, as cars and car grew culture grew in the US you had malls pushed out from downtowns of major cities to further and further out suburbs and exurbs.
The history of malls itself is fascinating (TIL that carpets were uninstalled from some malls because they thought that the carpet’s friction slowed down people from walking around the mall fast), but its evolution into strip malls–because they’re basically a strip of concrete land with shops on them–and bigger retail centers meant shops clustered there, and eventually it became a de facto stand-in for everything missing from downtowns decimated in the 1970s & 1980s: shops, culture, food, community. But all good things came to an end, and the structures that were copy-pasted all over the American landscape fell ill to less foot traffic and sales, according to a common diagnosis.
Sample mall map from state of NJ.
One of the things to understand about why it matters that bigger stores like Sears go under can affect a whole mall, or nearby stores like GameStop, and then CMBS loans is the structure of many of them. Bigger malls–like Glenbrook or the one above–have “anchor stores”: giant stores that increase foot traffic with littler stores and kiosks in between the big ones. It’s no different then what you might see in how amusement parks are structured, with little shops and food stands set between big rides.
In the mall map further up above, notice how you have giant shops like Sears at one edge. One of the jokes for giant failing mall “anchors” is that often it becomes the place where you go for free parking to walk into the mall (no one buying from that anchor store means fewer people = fewer cars = more parking spots). Despite the jokes, once an anchor store goes under then not only does it mean that that company and its workers are fucked, but even the surrounding stores, food shops, etc. This isn’t the only way that a mall can be set up with a large store “anchor”. Another common form includes big box stores. In my digging, I realized that one of the more common forms of this mall structure hand dropped somewhere in the American landscape is tethered by one of the largest companies in the world: Walmart.
Now this isn’t here to smack talk Walmart (even though I have many many reasons to); they’re also not the only big store that can act as an anchor. But I bring them up as it ends up being super relevant to the rest of the explanations in this series.
Some CMBS loans can be part of what’s called a “Walmart Shadow Anchored Portfolio”. Which is exactly what it sounds like.
Instead of a giant connected mall structure, you might have a giant Walmart looming in the background while other small retail shops are in nearby concrete strips or even across streets and highways. Here’s an example of what a potential “Walmart Shadow Anchored Portfolio” might look like using this town in Minot, North Dakota:
You might notice the Dollar Tree or Buffalo Wild Wings nearby as an example of nearby stores in its “shadow”.
The appeal of these “Walmart Shadow Anchored Portfolio” is–to some degree–obvious given how much foot traffic matters, and you knowing that Walmart won’t go bankrupt anytime soon–perhaps unfortunately–means it’s more a sure thing than perhaps Sears in some ways. You might have companies like this one praising their search for this type of setup: “In April, Schostak Bros. & Co. Inc. spent $100 million to acquire a portfolio of 28 properties from Memphis-based Spectra Group Inc. While there have been plenty of more expensive deals this year, Schostak Bros' transaction stands out. The reason? Not one of the properties in the deal have anchors. All sit next to Wal-Mart Supercenters that [they have] absolutely no control over. The firm instead is building a portfolio entirely based on the concept of shadow anchors. It is consciously looking to buy centers adjacent to stores owned and operated by the world's largest retailer. But it has no interest in being Wal-Mart's landlord. Its strategy is to capitalize on all the benefits of having Wal-Mart as a traffic generator without having the headaches (and meager rents) that come from being a big-box landlord.”
As I mentioned, Walmart ends up being something that many can hang their hat on, without having to worry about going under. Because what happens when maybe an anchor store does go under, whether from poor sales, mismanagement (Sears), crappy leveraged buyout deals from hedge funds (Toys R Us), or even being (naked) short sold into the fucking ground (GameStop)? You get a dead mall.
Dead malls have come under their own resurgence online due to YouTube channels by people like Dan Bell and his "Dead Mall Series", as well as others who explore dead malls. Myself, a fan of exploring abandoned properties, first learned about his channel actually here through Reddit and have been amazed ever since.
For movie and book fans, dead malls factor heavily into the film “Gone Girl”. I didn’t realize it too much then but the 2014 film is–apart from its main storyline–also seen as a story of the crash of 2008 and the ensuing recession.

“All of the houses are abandoned in their upper-class neighborhood except very few neighbors because of the crumbling economy in Carthage. Not many people can afford to live in this development, let alone, live in a house at all in this town. Also, the abandoned mall shows signs of decay as well. As Nick searches for clues regarding Amy’s disappearance, he describes the mall, “It was suburbia, post-comet, post-zombie, post-humanity” (113). The recession had led to the closure of the town’s mall. This affected the lives of many citizens living in Carthage because they had lost their jobs. The increase of unemployment led people to illegal jobs, such as drug dealing. These people were found throughout the abandoned mall. Nick explicates, “Carthage had a bigger drug epidemic than I ever knew: The cops had been here just yesterday, and already the druggies had resettled, like determined flies” (116). For many people living in Carthage, the only means of work is to drug deal in the abandoned mall and not even the police can stop them from making the money it takes to keep themselves alive”
Sometimes dead malls get lifelines, and convert empty space from anchor stores or small retail leased space to fitness centers, churches, senior centers, offices, public libraries, and even medical clinics. For one, medical clinics in malls rose 15% from 2011 to 2016. But for big malls, losing an anchor store like Dillard’s, or Sears can’t be easily replaced with another, or even another smaller store (you couldn’t cleanly fit a GameStop’s inventory over 3 floors of a Macy’s if you tried and it wouldn’t make sense to pay that big of a lease). So it’s often dying against the light, and you get a dead mall nonetheless.
A dead mall is a symptom, a diagnosis, a crime scene, and symbol all in one.

This was especially the case for accelerating dead malls in the recession, just years after big banks fucked over people in 2008. A dead mall means a lot of things to a lot of people.

GameStop in Bluefield, West Virginia. 2020
Yes, a dead mall means a lot of things to a lot of people.
But a dead mall also means to some, that your entire tower of commercial mortgage backed securities, also just became a little more wobbly.
In Pt. 4, we'll figure out the teams: who wasn't sure about the "mall short" enough to jump in, and who were the ones that went balls deep alongside MP & Jerica.
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2022.01.19 01:07 Wish8888 FireRed Flying Monolocke HC: Surge went..... surprisingly well, I lost one mon but at least the run is still alive

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2022.01.19 01:07 fous-toi_de_moi D̟̉̅e̪̹ͧ r̵ͪ̐e̢̫͆ț̮͒o̡͍̩u̷̻̇ȑ͛͢ e̊̆͟t̛ͭ͟ d̀ͪͫé̤̿̕p̵̉ͩŕ͔ͯi̵̤͓mͥ̕͞é̘ͥ͞, j̴̱́ë̛͓ š̨͟a̵̸͈iͩͣ̅s̡̖ͨ q̫̞͞u̴̟͆ȇ̴͂ q̻̀͂ṷ̸͡e̹̲͞l͖͛̀q̰͓͖u̡̮ͣḛ́ͅ c̳̮ͭh̨͖͂o̸̝ͧs̵̫̐ę͉̇ n̙̈́̚é̱̍ v̖̟ͫa̸͓̽ p̅ͣ͢á͍ͦs̋̊ͩ.

D̟̉̅e̪̹ͧ r̵ͪ̐e̢̫͆ț̮͒o̡͍̩u̷̻̇ȑ͛͢ e̊̆͟t̛ͭ͟ d̀ͪͫé̤̿̕p̵̉ͩŕ͔ͯi̵̤͓mͥ̕͞é̘ͥ͞, j̴̱́ë̛͓ š̨͟a̵̸͈iͩͣ̅s̡̖ͨ q̫̞͞u̴̟͆ȇ̴͂ q̻̀͂ṷ̸͡e̹̲͞l͖͛̀q̰͓͖u̡̮ͣḛ́ͅ c̳̮ͭh̨͖͂o̸̝ͧs̵̫̐ę͉̇ n̙̈́̚é̱̍ v̖̟ͫa̸͓̽ p̅ͣ͢á͍ͦs̋̊ͩ. submitted by fous-toi_de_moi to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

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Hello, I will soon be 16 years old, but at the moment I do not feel my age. I have a lot of achievements, and I don’t look like a small child and I have a relatively adult behavior, but nevertheless I don’t feel like 16 years old, I feel like a 13-14 year old child and don’t feel the full responsibility of my age In my country, 16 is the age of consent for 18+, and I can't even imagine that I can theoretically do this. How can I deal with this? Are there any tips on how to feel the age?
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2022.01.19 01:07 AurorainAtlantis1717 *NEW* Yellowjackets: Episode 7 Quiz

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2022.01.19 01:07 Jccoke42 [Xbox] [h] credits [w] painted unc sunburst / tunica

Not interested in pink/ cb
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