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How do you guys get around the n and v side effects of prevacid?

2022.01.19 02:22 the-only-harvster How do you guys get around the n and v side effects of prevacid?

I can't bring myself to take it because they are listed but I see loads of people take tums and other precacids in this subreddit.
Maybe taking it will help my stomach ache but may also make everything more for me
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2022.01.19 02:22 NeitherTugg Moving Servers - Cache Drive

Need help here on best strategy:
I’m going to be moving unraid to a r720 and DAS.
R720 - will hold the cache drive SC200 - will hold my array drives
I have strategy on transferring array drives so I don’t have issues there as it’s plug and play with my hba card.
My only concern is the following: R720 required configuring Raid0 and reformat when connecting new drives. Since I will be connecting my cache (ssd) into the r720, I will need to configure as raid0 and format the cache drive.
If I move all items off the cache drives before the move, will I have any issues with configuration of array (after configuring raid0 and formatting)
Will the new server recognize serial and just continue to use this as cache drive? Is a better option for create new config (before the move) without the cache drive? My concern with removing the cache drive is that I’ll most likely have to create new parity rebuild, which I wouldn’t want to do!
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2022.01.19 02:22 takhfifekhob کفش ورزشی نایک مشکی مردانه مدل HOMAN

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2022.01.19 02:22 Ehdwyn I thought this looked flashy with no mechanics.

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2022.01.19 02:22 Spazzblister I think the only Legend evil Gideon could not make an obedient Robo-Legend of is...

Think about it, Robo Sara was able to put up a pretty good fight, but even Sara has been programmed before by the League of Assassins.
If Gidi is programming them with all their traits , there is a good reason she would not have chosen Snart as one she could use.
He only joined the team in the first place because Barry inspired him to try being a hero (Not that he would ever admit that, but the Speed Force told Barry that.) He never trusted anyone, EVER, including during Doom World, where he was still making plans to overthrow Thawne and had a GPS in Mick.
When Joe asked Barry if Snart was still working with his dad and if his dad put a bomb in his head, Barry said, "No, Snart would dig the bomb out of his own head if he had to." He was only working with Louis to save his sister.
Everything he's ever done has been on his own terms. So if Gideon is looking for Legends who she can make obedient, I think, he, even more so than Robo-Sara, or Robo-Zari , would be the most impossible to control.
And I actually think evil Gideon knows a Robo-Snart would still be five steps ahead of her.
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2022.01.19 02:22 WhoTFisthisdude1987 I've got nothing.

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2022.01.19 02:22 lee-did-dis "You'll never be a kung-fu master" Fang:

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2022.01.19 02:22 xSovietTurtlesx BCG stock?

Anybody know when BCG’S might be back in stock or have a link to where they’re in stock now? Thanks
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2022.01.19 02:22 starspeculation How would you react to a modern brick & mortar shop that greets customers with "Welcome traveler!"?

I was thinking about dumb business ideas that I probably won't/can't open, but I guess I was thinking of ways to make a quirky and unique customer experience. Would talking like a video game NPC be too cringey, or would it be oddly charming?
Store idea: Models and videogame & anime merch shop, that also sells Christmas ornaments at the end of the year.
Is it lame and nerdy? Well yeah, but this is reddit, y'all like that kind of stuff.
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2022.01.19 02:22 Proof_Education3373 Anyone know these plants? And tips for care?

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2022.01.19 02:22 cospicy Uravity Cosplay ✨ I made the accessories myself and am super proud of the outcome I hope you all love her as much as I do!

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2022.01.19 02:22 yelbesed On both sides human groups were opposed around lies during history

I remember when there were Communist lies against the less obvious Capitalist lies.
it seems like the majority of people are only able to believe in lies.
There was - and still is at places - a time when it was evident (for hundreds of years) that Jews are harmful or blacks are harmful or any other minority members are harmful...
And if we go more into the past: there were hundreds of years when protestants were against Catholics (and murdering each other in wars) and things today not cared about were considered real and important differences. (having or not having golden sculptures in a church building.)
Of course oday it is fascinating how someone is able to claim that the CApitolium attack was not an attack or that the virus is not even existing - and how the opposite side statements are seen as lies by malevolent actors. But it is not different of the past historic examples, like disputes between sects (presently between Iran and the Saudis) or between atheists and theists.
We switch the topic because most people today are unable to get passionate about sectarian differences (like golden scultptures).
Wat makes me wonder is the need for hatred - it is probably having some hormonal aspect - and the emergence of new topics and new leaders with those topics. The leader is called ingenious if they embrace the most atrocious neo-truths. Obama is a Muslim, the Capitolium was just a harmless demo.
And it is important to claim that the believers of the other side are "murderers". Abortion in extreme situations (like a rape-child or a sick child or in extreme poverty) is called murder. Minorities are also murderers-in-waiting. All of them. Communists and Capitalists are murderers. all of them. The Capitolium attackers were murderers. All of them.
So it is mainly the possibility to use language with a false emotional content. Using extreme metaphors in excess. All murderers.
and yes there is always an element of truth -on both sides. In all groups that are mentioned as murderers there exist a few examples when it fits. There always do exist minority members who turn to psychotic acts of desperation.
It begins with lies in and for ourselves. "I am a bad person yada yada". Or the opposite: "I am an all-good person..." Words never completely cover or reach facts.
And then it gets worse as in mass communication or in political argumnts we both want to be heard on the fringes, we must reach the very dump or simple-minded people. So we are forced by this clickbait need to formulate emotionally intensive metaphors (saying others are like "murderers" ).
Journalists who try to restrain themselves or politicians with centrist moderate views get sacked or not voted in.
we cannot change our psychological setup, the way language works - and so there is no way out.
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2022.01.19 02:22 ramesh-suresh Hinduism - the great weaknesses of Hindu Society that ultimately will lead to its demise

Hinduism has a lot of societal weaknesses-many of which will ultimately lead to its demise to the Christians and not the muslims as most expect( Arunachal Pradesh Christian population 30% in 3 decades , Kanyakumari ~50% growing in 3 decades, Andhra Pradesh ~25% ,Tamil Nadu ~10%, Punjab ~10%).
Similar weaknesses have destroyed cultures and local religions in countries varying from Africa(Christianity 5-10% in 1900 to being the largest religion in 2000) to South Korea(1% - being the largest religion in 30 years) and Hinduism will face a similar threat in the coming 2-3 decades.
1) The lack of a proselytization culture: One of the biggest weakness of Hinduism is its lack of proselytization - cultures such as Christianity and Islam have prospered largely on the back of high proselytization - Christianity especially with its call to convert to Christianity and immense organization of proselytizing along with its billions of dollars of funding has meant that large areas of the world are Christian. Further politicians from the Christian faith go all out to not only promote their faith.
2) A geographical concentration : The geographic concentration of Hindus in India makes it less a world religion and more a regional religion. Thus linking the the fate and politics of the nation with the fate of the religion. Thus political changes in the country can affect and damage the entire religion
3)The lack of a dedicated state: All the major world religions have a dedicated state - which atleast constitutionally seeks to protect the religion. The secularization of Nepal has meant that the Hindus today lack a single state which links its identity to Hindu religion and seeks to defend it.(Ironically the rapid spread of Christianity in Nepal(>10% in a decade) may ultimately lead to it becoming a Christian nation)
4) The lack of unity, awareness and cultural pride: One of the greatest weaknesses of Hinduism is the lack of pride and ownership among its members. While western countries and even in Christian states such as Nagaland people relate their religion- Christianity to their Civilization/Individual identity - thus the narrative of Christian Civilization, Islamic civilization the lack of a similar narrative(partly to be blamed on the secular rule of India which saw India delink the current republic from its civilizational history) has meant that the threat to the Civilization is not something that is seen.
Further the inability to see patterns and failure to learn from History has meant that Hindus time and again make the same mistake their ancestors and other countries made hundred of years ago, eg. making the same mistakes in Kashmir, Karachi and not acknowledging that demographic changes can alter their country.
Thus other countries have reacted much faster to the changing demographics then India has for eg in france as the muslim population reach 6-7% the rise of highly right wing leaders(La Pen,Zemmour) (with policies propogated such as no-immigration,banning of burkhas, children named using french names)started. Further today most( 60%+) believe the country is being destroyed by Islamic immigrants, similar to other countries such as Sweden.
5)Lack of Diversity in the Hindu right: One of the greatest weaknesses of the Hindu religion is that there is a single Hindu right. Thus Hindus in India become overly dependant on RSS, BJP and their affiliated organizations. Further the failure of leadership and change in thought process in the organization can derail the Hindu movement(as can be seen from Modi who has failed to work for the long-term goals of the Hindu right)
6) The currently individual nature of the religion: Today Hindu religion is highly individualistic in nature. While community does come together in festivals - the lack of regular meetups(such as in Islam and Christianity) has meant that the sense of community is not as strong. Thus values and political strength is much lesser and values and religion are not strongly passed on. So many individuals are today confused by what Hinduism is and find it easy to be swayed by vulture religions. Further the lack of a clear narrative of what Hinduism means due to large no of books and narratives means that people who are interested and want to know dont know what is the religion.
7) Divisions in Hindu society and lack of a unifying narrative: The divisions and injustices in the Hindu society further make it easier for vultures to dive in and exploit it to gain market share. Further the lack of Hindu leaders in creating a unifying narrative has meant that Hindu society is today splintered with enough internal divisions so as to not stand on its own.
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2022.01.19 02:22 RuinAcrobatic7814 Hay sikeyim sabahini da soğuğunu da ya

Mis gibi sıcacık yatağımds uyuyodum cennet gibi bi histi şimdi s.ke s.ke kursa gitcem
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2022.01.19 02:22 alextipsfool As a software engineer, what would make you decide to switch job?

As today we are having an unprecedented tech talent shortage in IT industry, there are more and more opportunities with great offers open to tech talents. But if you do get one of those, will you switch your job? If you will, what exactly would cause you make that decision?
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2022.01.19 02:22 blamaster27 Look... I never finish projects this fast. But there's this guy asking for bungus and if I don't do something I'm scared what he might do

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2022.01.19 02:22 pretty_hte_machine Feeling silly tonight 🖤

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2022.01.19 02:22 slimshady32345 Microsoft accquires Activision Blizzard for 69billion

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2022.01.19 02:22 fooddriver604 Wealthsimple Trade Bonus (Trade and Crypto) US0EBW - Get a Bonus Including Previous Non Referred Members 🍁

Wealthsimple Trade is Canada's first $0 commission stock trading app. – sign up now and we'll both get a bonus to trade.
Now also includes crypto trading. So if you are not into stocks, you can purchase some crypto and still get the bonus.
Link: https://my.wealthsimple.com/app/public/trade-referral-signup?code=US0EBW
Link will have the current sign up bonus listed.
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2022.01.19 02:22 Remarkable-Eagle947 What is the thing with rick roll .

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2022.01.19 02:22 summerarcadia UofT architecture one idea essay

Hi guys! Can someone help me on my One Idea essay?applying to arch undergrad. I am writing about an experience about failure and would love some advice!
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2022.01.19 02:22 derdowaggy [USA-UT] [H] Gigabyte Aero 15 xc Gaming and Studio Laptop [W] PayPal, Cash

Gigabyte Aero 15 XC
Bought new for $2200 a little under a year ago. Hoping for $1,600, but I am willing to take offers. Local is anywhere from Salt Lake City to Springville, Utah, but I'm happy to ship as well.
Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/FPRue3K
Original Amazon Page Where I Bought It: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08V95CPK4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Features: - 60hz 4K OLED Display - GeForce RTX 3070 Mobile - Intel Core i7 10th Gen. Processor - 32GB RAM - 500GB m.2 SSD (1 Additional m.2 SSD Slot)
Ports: - 1x HDMI - 1x Mini DisplayPort - 1x Headphone - 1x Ethernet - 3x USB Type-A - 1x USB Type-C (Thunderbolt 3)
First time on hardwareswap
The computer works great! Getting rid of it because I needed something with a bigger emphasis on battery, even if it meant lower specs.
I replaced the m.2 ssd with a 500GB Samsung 970 EVO plus after the original drive it shipped with died. I'm including the manual and warranty card from Samsung with the computer. I also usually go without the Gigabyte software that ships with the computer, as it’s not very good, but it can all be downloaded online if you prefer. I deleted everything and gave it a clean Windows 10 install on the new drive.
Small dent on the top of computer (pictured) only visible from certain angles. Everything else (screen, keyboard, trackpad, etc) is in perfect condition.
Includes: Laptop, Original Laptop Charger, Original Packaging.
Shoot me a PM with any questions, etc!
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2022.01.19 02:22 pixieinspace Nana and I in 1990. I was an angel for Halloween.

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2022.01.19 02:22 xerokota Turn 9 8th place....r u fucking kidding me

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2022.01.19 02:22 capallcath Does anyone know anything about this Soviet oddity?

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