Do you use cheaty mods?

2021.11.30 12:26 aaet002 Do you use cheaty mods?

These might be more resources, keep items on death, speed up time etc
And please explain why, whether you do or dont
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2021.11.30 12:26 FlavaFade Would you rather Never have access to the internet Or Have Nicolas Cage always be within 1 meter of you.

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2021.11.30 12:26 Dark_Mastermind WELCOME TO THE CITY (@ninetalesdotgov )

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2021.11.30 12:26 T2C247 Loud whining from my front wheels, leak?

Hi everyone. I have an 07 ES350. It's FWD. It's one of the first few cold days I've had the car (got it in the summer). I noticed two puddles this morning, one at each front wheel. It was around freezing point outside (32F, 0C). I had to move the car for street cleaning. The front wheels were whining loudly, and I felt a vibration through the pedals. This mainly happens when I turn the wheels. There's a video here and a picture of the "puddles" here.
I figured maybe something to do with the power steering? So after a 5-10 minute drive (Avging 15mph, and was in a drive through half the time not moving), I parked and I checked the steering fluid when the engine was hot. Here is a pic. It's at the min hot line.
I emptied some of that power steering fluid during August-Sept because it was overfilled, way past the max lines at cold when the engine was cold, and the surrounding area was always wet. I emptied it down to the min cold line at the time. I don't know when the last time the fluid itself was replaced, the lexus records always confuses me on their site. On one line it says the customer requested at 117k miles to replace the fluid, then on another line it says the customer declined the service at the same time. ??
So any ideas? I haven't checked under the car yet because waiting for some sunlight at least. I will say I took the car on a 100 mile trip the other day on the freeway, which I've never really done. I mostly do small city driving at around 25mph and haven't even put 1000 miles on the car since I bought it this past May. On the trip, at one point it felt like the front wheels were shaking a bit, but it stopped, and I figured it was one part of the freeway I was on. This was last week I went on this trip, and I didn't see any leaks under my car after I parked it, so I don't think its related. I feel maybe the cold weather did something.
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2021.11.30 12:26 Greedy_Falcon_8702 The Lost Gardens 02 "The Spider"

The Lost Gardens 02
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2021.11.30 12:26 Defilantema Festive Sky | lBlackie-Maidenl

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2021.11.30 12:26 Significant-Honey888 [Academic] [Repost] Short survey on the HOME page for a shopping comparison app (All opinions welcome)
Than you!
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2021.11.30 12:26 jfjdfdjjtbfb From what part of skandinavia did leman russes inspiration comes from ?

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2021.11.30 12:26 xVentilatte L

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2021.11.30 12:26 Basic_Distribution11 What are you not ok with when experimentally sexually with your partner?

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2021.11.30 12:26 whoomp-there-it-iss Bartending at the Penthouse

I'm thinking of picking up a side job bartending, and was wondering if anyone had experience working at the Penthouse? looking for info about the environment, etc. and especially how well bartenders & waitresses usually do on tips for a night any input is appreciated!!
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2021.11.30 12:26 whiteandblackcrow Why is it taking so long to load my world?

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2021.11.30 12:26 Gargoyle87 Sokak Hayvanları Meselesi

Gündemi takip edenlerin üç aşağı beş yukarı olaylardan haberleri olduğunu düşünüyorum. Son zamanlarda başı boş gezen sokak hayvanlarının saldırıları sonucu maalesef bir çok kişi yaşamını yitirdi. Ayrıca bu başı boş gezen hayvanlar çeşitli hastalıklara, açlığa ve kazalara kurban gidiyor. Sizce bu hayvanlar uyutulmalı mı? Barınaklarda mı muhafaza edilmeli? Yoksa aynı şekilde besleyip etrafta gezmelerine göz mü yummalıyız? Bir taraftan bu ortak tabiatta birlikte yaşamanın gerekliliği var. Siz ne dersiniz?
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2021.11.30 12:26 Galace_YT3 Frick you Billy

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2021.11.30 12:26 KTitania Beyond a Steel Sky l Launch Trailer l Microids & Revolution Software

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2021.11.30 12:26 sans_so_cool_so_cool 6 0 0 SUPER MONKEY/super monkey paragon

Now this is just for how to get him my idea is.
You need at lest 1 of every type of paragon and 25000 or 45000 of every type of money and legend of the night and robbot monkey
And make it cost after the SUN God temple 1000000 it should be able to solo round 566 or round 600 and after you buy this your Paragon can still be put down on the map
OFC the super monkey would cost about 10 BILLION exp this is my little idea for it its power damage would be super high and the more super monkeys you have will give you a higher tire i say tire 100 should died at round 900 to 1000 keep this in mind you spending about 5 million to 2.5 million on this also YOU CANNOT Get a higher tire All your paragons have to be a high level what ever your pargon level is for all of them is the highest the super monkey will be
I feel like this would be kinda fair for the price if not maybe higher make it cost 10 MILLION for the the super monkey paragon alone all of this would roughly cost about 15 to 25 million to get it tire 100
It has the true nature of the temple
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2021.11.30 12:26 UKHHH Verb T & Harry Love - Showbitchness

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2021.11.30 12:26 ChunkyCB How do I get over self-loathing or the thought that I don't deserve to live?

I'm starting to feel like a real burden on my family. I'm autistic and have been on meds for depression for quite a while.
Last night my mum really shouted me down, listing loads of things I've done that have annoyed or upset. I can't bring myself to go into the details but I do believe some of it was justified and some of it wasn't. I'm going to try and move out because we're clearly just making each other miserable and I don't want it to be that way but I just find the process of moving out and adjusting to a new routine so overwhelming I've kept putting it off way longer than I should have.
Right now what's bothering me the most is the gnawing feelings of guilt and shame. I've been fucking trying but this ontop of this new covid variant shit is nose diving my mental health and I don't think I can handle another lockdown either. I feel worthless and undeserving of any kind of love but I know that offing myself would only make things worse and don't want to do it.
How do I make the intense guilt and thoughts go away?
(I've already been through all the free support services in the past like samaritans and shout, I've tried counselling and none of it has worked. I had been feeling mostly fine up until the past couple of works but when I do hit a low I have no idea who is left to turn to)
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2021.11.30 12:26 laemur Having some problems with spaghetti-like behaviour on robotic parts. Is there a way to drastically reduce or completely get rid of the wigglyness?

Hi! I've been trying to build planes with movable engine nacelles, to try and turn them into VTOL aircraft, but the weight of the nacelles just pulls them down and they wiggle around, even before applying thrust or rotating the hinges or servos. Is there a way (vanilla or mods) to tackle this issue, other than docking port shenanigans? Or do I just have to cope with the fact that robotic parts are not able to handle too much weight?
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2021.11.30 12:26 kotor89 “Set me adrift…”

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2021.11.30 12:26 Many-Beginning7443 Daily meme #3

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2021.11.30 12:26 jsgsishsk Im scared of what is after death

My mom always tells me how painful hell or purgatory is and knowing how so little people go straight to heaven, im kind of terrified of purgatory? I know i will have to face it eventually but i've really felt anxious over it. Does anyone else here feel the same? And how do yall handle such anxieties :(
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2021.11.30 12:26 Mediocre-Horror-2083 A book about self defense

A friend of mine, retired army instructor, wrote a book about his perspective and findings concerning use of firearms, regarding self defense, in civilian scenarios. He had some chapters translated and would like to get some feedback to decide whether to translate the rest.
We would appriciate it, if somebody gave it a read and left some feedback, we do read and take into account all of your comments.
I hope this post will not be flagged as spam since we sincerely hope for feedback as well as show another perspective through different eyes.

Concerning the author; he is a retired army instructor with 20 years of experience, where part of his time he served as an instructor for special forces. Up till this day he still continues to educate others and, same as in army, he provides different types of courses such as shooting, diving, survival, interrogation and many more. More detailed information about the author can be found in the link above with some of the chapters of the book.
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2021.11.30 12:26 Endurance_Cyclist Experiences ordering wheels from Light Bicycle Global Warehouse?

I live in the U.S. and I'm looking to purchase a set of Falcon Pro wheels from Light Bicycle. I could order them from the North American warehouse, but if I order from the Global Warehouse (in China) then I have more options (no spoke holes) and I can get the wheelset with better hubs at a lower price.
If I order from China, shipping will probably take 2-3 weeks versus 2-3 days from the North American warehouse, but I'm fine with that. I'm more concerned with potentially having to pay an import tax. I contacted Light Bicycle and they said that if I order from their Global Warehouse, they can declare a value on the wheelset of less than $800 so I won't have to pay import tax.
Does anyone have any experiences ordering wheels from Light Bicycle in China, or any other wheels from China? Were there any issues related to shipping and/or taxes?
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2021.11.30 12:26 Flexer_MC1 FIFA TOTY attackers predictions?

In around a month it's that time again. Who do you think will make it in fifa 22? I think Messi and Lewandowski are a lock. But Salah not making it in the top 10 in voting and Mbappe and Ronaldo being more attractive regarding FanVotes makes me lean to 3 attackers of Mbappe, Messi, Lewandowski and Ronaldo 12th man. What you think?
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