Sgsecure review

2021.11.30 11:57 br4indamage Sgsecure review

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2021.11.30 11:57 throwrafeels10 I (27/m) really want to let my barriers down with the girl (26/f) I'm seeing but I'm scared to

We've been on four dates in three weeks. She's wonderful. Taking things slow, kissed after two and the last one ended with us cuddling for a while at my place. She is religious so I'm not sure where she stands on sex but it's not really a priority for me atm. She ticks all the boxes for me.
It feels like things are heading in the right direction but at the same time I'm putting up a front, I don't really think she knows the real me.
The truth is I have been in a really bad place for over years now. really started before the pandemic but of course that exacerbated it. I've been questioning everything about my life, from my self-worth to my relationship with my parents to what my life thus far has even amounted to. A lot of this probably stems from unresolved trauma from my childhood. Sometimes I feel like I'm existing on the other side of a mirror just watching the rest of the world move along as if I don't exist.
I've also never been in a relationship before. Had a couple ONS, and a couple FWBs, but nothing that approached a relationship. Just been a very introverted guy I guess.
This is partially why I'm so shocked things are heading the way they are with her. I saw her a few times, she was nice to me, I just took a chance and asked her out and she said yes. I never expected to be in this position.
It feels so good to be around her, to kiss her, to touch her, but it doesn't feel real because I have so much pent-up emotion that I'm really scared of revealing to her. Honestly there's nothing more I'd like than to have her hold me and cry, because I've been so lonely and utterly miserable for so long, but I'm scared that if I just spew out all this stuff in my head it's going to scare her off.
I really don't want to mess this up but at the same time I'm seriously still struggling and I don't know where else I'm going to get the kind of comfort I'm looking for.
TL;DR: I'm dealing with a lot of emotions/trauma and want to express it to my new potential girlfriend (?) but I'm scared to scare her off.
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2021.11.30 11:57 Newkid92 Why are root canyal referred out all the time ?

Why do Dentist refer out all the root canals even if they have the credentials to do them? Its super frustrating having to go to a million plus appointments. I wish there was a dentist that did it all id pay for convenience sake 🥴
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2021.11.30 11:56 goddess_steffi_graf How do sites like typeracer measure WPM? also why does everyone here use wpm and not just keys per minute

wpm just seems unreliable. for obvious reasons. some texts have many long words, some texts are very simple and have a lot of short words.
i wonder, if typeracer just divides the number of words by time elapsed, or maybe it counts keys per minute first, and then multiplies it by some coefficient?
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2021.11.30 11:56 njchessboy Survivor 41, Episode 10: Wins and Losses

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2021.11.30 11:56 lowkeyf1sh Dude forgot where he was after he scored

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2021.11.30 11:56 CMD2019 Everest the day after Covid Booster shot?

First off, I'm new to OTF only having signed up last month. I've been going 2x/ week and had one class left for Nov. I scheduled my last class for today, the day after I received my Covid booster shot. I woke up in the middle of the night and had to take Tylenol for arm soreness and all over body aches. Still feeling pretty sluggish this morning and taking Tylenol but was planning to go to my OTF class and take it easy so I don't lose my session. Now I'm second guessing that approach. I typically jog, but can I power walk this Everest thing? 😬
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2021.11.30 11:56 huston9 I made a necklace from a rib I had removed

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2021.11.30 11:56 TheSassMasters Sunset at Sanibel, FL [OC] [4032x3024]

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2021.11.30 11:56 rwoooshed $RKTF Rock Tech Lithium Inc. Announces Results from Lithium Hydroxide Converter Engineering Study

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2021.11.30 11:56 njanakiev I built an Image Search Engine using OpenAI CLIP and Images from Wikimedia

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2021.11.30 11:56 oof343 Mushoku tensei

What happened to the dub there was the front two episodes and then nothing
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2021.11.30 11:56 DowntownHair567 An open letter rant about my experiences learning about the rest of the world as an American (TW: Suicide)

Dear foreigner wondering about America,
I've seen foreigners on here wonder why Americans aren't killing themselves, and I have the answer to why that is. The only reason the suicide rate here isn't so god-damn high is because if we attempt it, and we fail (and suicide attempts have a decent failure rate), we get into buttloads of debt. And being in that debt will ruin our lives even more. It's not a risk anyone is willing to take.
Even if there's laws, and supposedly things like OSHA and whatnot, they're not taken seriously. If your boss wants to, they could make you write them a check every 2 weeks to get around minimum wage laws. The boss wouldn't face any consequences and nobody would do anything about it. At will employment means that you can be fired for anything. There are technically reasons that you can't fire someone for, but if a company wanted to fire someone out of racism they could say something like "I'm firing you because your hat has the logo of a sports team that starts with an odd numbered letter and I hate odd numbers".
If you get fired in many other countries (which is basically impossible except if you do something illegal like steal or take a shit on the office floor), it's easy to start a life again. But unlike elsewhere, if you get fired in America (which is way incredibly easy), you can't really ever recover from it. Your reputation is permanently ruined and it will follow you forever. Say hello to homelessness.
America is probably the only industrialized country where your family will likely disown you if they find out you're LGBT. Immediately cross the border into the most conservative part of Canada, and you can be trans or gay and your family won't care. That's just how things are there. Russia has a reputation for being homophobic, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually less homophobic than America.
And the same can be said about life in general. Nobody in other industrialized countries cares if you get an abortion or watch a rated R (17+ for non-americans) movie. Nobody cares if their married adult children are sleeping in the same bed as their spouse at a family reunion. If you're from Canada you don't have to lie and say you go to church every Sunday. And so on and so forth.
But let's go back to the subject of lack of workers rights. There's no regulations dictating what a company can do and as a result workers are getting fucked. No parental leave, no sick days, no time off. It's not like countries that give every worker 6 weeks of paid vacation, 18 months of parental leave, and 3 weeks of sick leave, with 14 mandatory holidays a year. And to add insult to injury they'll all get to retire and there's a good chance that we won't. And on top of that you won't make as much money as the same job in other countries and your money won't go as far because everything here is more expensive.
America's slogan should be this. America: where the pay is lower than 99.5% of comparable jobs in other countries, and everything is way more expensive to accommodate the 0.5% who make obscenely more.
Signed - An American
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2021.11.30 11:56 AaronDotCom According to this website levels above 125 nmol/ L has these MANY benefits, what do you think about it?

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2021.11.30 11:56 Intelligent_Ad_825 🦸 SuperBNB | 7% Automatic BNB Rewards | Just Launched | Huge Marketing 🚀 | Dont Miss Out 🚀

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2021.11.30 11:56 Stock-Ad-8951 this is the PPSI dip, just like ISPC 2 days ago

get it baby!!!!
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2021.11.30 11:56 gov_colin Found in Slovenia, zone

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2021.11.30 11:56 ButterscotchEarly729 How do multiple TIMEZONEs and REGIONAL holidays affect your systems?

Hi there,
How do you people handle different time zones and regional holidays? In particular, regarding the EoD process, penalties for late payments, interest calculation?
The idea is to store everything as UTC in the DATABASE and show the time according to the user's TZ. That's the easy part! But what about running the EOD process? If we run it on a specific time zone, it might not be a good fit for people in a different TZ, as it might be too early or too late.
I know we can have a lot of CONDITIONALS in our systems, but I would like to hear from you guys about a more elegant way of handling these variations.
I am working for a Canadian institution, and I am not yet familiar with the Canadian Market.
Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.11.30 11:56 Prudent-Ladder2774 Gaming in 2021 grinds my gears

So…IF we don’t wanna wait hours for a digital download to install, buying the physical game makes sense right? Except I STILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR SOME SHIT TO INSTALL!!! WHY?! and then i download it, but still need the disk if i actually wanna play the game. it’s bizarre. could just be a playstation thing? not sure because i refused to own an xbox. but im just venting. i’ll still wait my 12 hours for a game to install i suppose lol
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2021.11.30 11:56 Suri009 Mám dilema. Jaký skin si mám vzít na live event? Dogga (můj oblíbený skin) nebo agenta Jonesyho (skin který mi chapter 2 nejvíce připomíná)
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2021.11.30 11:56 Murkfellow Relatable

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2021.11.30 11:56 yzpmpgq Advice needed for NVR camera system for small school

I am the "volunteer" IT guy for a small school. I set up 20 cameras 12+ years ago based on a geovision DVR card system. It's beyond repair at this point and we're switching to IP cameras. I use 16 IP cameras at home with Geovision NVR software, but now the software is no longer "free". There is an expensive up front cost AND a price per channel for IP cameras that are not theirs. So... I'm looking for advice on a replacement NVR system that will handle 20 cameras. It will be located in the server room, but at least 12 workstations will be accessing it to display cameras to large monitors or desktops. This will also require a complete rework of the network (which will be in later posts :). What recommendations do you have for an NVR system, cameras and any other tips to look out for?
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2021.11.30 11:56 Herko_Kerghans A Dozen Odd, Not-So-Popular Blends to Spike your Mid-Week Runeterra Ladder With.

A Dozen Odd, Not-So-Popular Blends to Spike your Mid-Week Runeterra Ladder With.
The Pilgrims Road’s neon sign sizzles and flickers in the foggy evening like fireflies dancing among marsh mist.
You climb to your stool, wondering where Jericho may be. The few other patrons scattered around the pub all have their glasses full – the barman can’t be far away.
He’s even left his stainless-steel cocktail shaker over the tattered bar. Like a child left alone with a precious chalice, your fingers gently turn the shaker around to show the familiar golden plaque, with the Legna & Balco – Numeromancers inscription engraved on its gleaming surface.
“Don’t touch if you ain’t buying, chief,” says Jericho, his head popping up from under the bar.
“Oh, sure am buying,” you reply. “Unless you’re saying ‘this one’s on the house’?”
The steel shaker dances in his fingers, impatient as Ionian blades facing a Noxian onslaught. “Can’t for the first drink, chief. Nor the second. House rules.” His eyes gleam, reflecting the golden plaque. “But, you know, third’s the charm, or so they say… So, what should we start with?”
“Well… I’ve been to Armand’s Armory, took a glance to all his big weapons. Nothing there I could put up with.” You glance at the beer taps to your left, each made from a different metal: iron, bronze, silver, gold…

“… still, I think I may make the push to my next rank, so: Anything that can reliably get me there without grinding my mind to dust?”
He smiles. “While crushing slaves underfoot, you mean?”
“I wouldn’t mind making some meta mincers’ life miserable in the process, no…”
He places a big bottle of Blue Hammer over the bar…
“C’mon, Jericho! I ask you for something off-meta, and first thing you grab is Poppy?”
… followed by a small vial of Razzle Dazzle.
You raise an eyebrow. “Really?”
“Really, chief. New hot thing at the top of this town: Curious Lux. With a dash of Poppy, yes.” He gently raps one of the beer taps. “You wanna get there, this will get you there. 55%-plus mix, removing one Minimorph and adding one Laurent Protégé. Seems to be doing wonders.”
“Headaches warnings I should be aware of?”
“Bandle Tree’s will split your head, boss. Dragons, Plunder, Lurkers and Poppy Ziggs are bad too. But Zoe Lee Sin, Ping City and Draven Sion, along with a bunch of weaker stuff, you should have no problem with.
“If you don’t wanna see me juggling that Blue Hammer bottle, chief, but still want to get the job done with an odd mix… there’s always Feel Da Minah. 55%-plus .”
“Same as last week?”
“Same brew; but pulling such consistent results I wouldn’t call it risky anymore. Still hard to find, though, so if you really want to crush folks underfoot, this is the mix. Just remember that blends with Poppy, and Zoe Lee Sin could give you a headache, though.”

Alright, say I want to dip a bit on the risky side; what do you have more me?
“Well,” he smiles, “since you ask…”
He grabs again the big Blue Hammer bottle, and a flask of Ionian Spirits.
You frown. “Cut the crap, Jericho. You serve me a Rally Elusive mix, you get minus one customer. I mean it.”
“Even if we add a single droplet of Judgment Day, chief?”
“Whoa, wait… you cannot mean making it midrange…”
“Sure can, chief. Lulu Poppy Midrange, here you go. 54% mix, and yes, there’s two drops of rally there. It’s a Demacian mix; it’s like asking me not to add Sharpsight. Anyway: goes down well with Poppy Ziggs, Zoe Lee Sin and Thralls; also Akshan Sivir. Lux blends are a pain, same as Bandle Tree, Darkness and Draven Sion.”
“But, I get it, chief, I do.” He mixes vodka, pepper, salt, adds generous amounts of ice…
“Holy crap, Jericho. Don’t do this, don’t give me hope.”
… pours a bucketload of blood-red Noxian hot sauce…
“You crazy mother hugger, you are doing it…!”
He grins like a demon as he offers you the broad glass. “Braum Vladmir, on the rocks.”
You take a sip. The bittersweet taste of longing for what never happened.
“Just when you thought this season had nothing new to show, eh chief?”
“Well, technically speaking this ain’t new at all…”
“Oldest trick in the barman’s book, boss: stop serving something for long enough, it will eventually become the shiny new toy. Don’t get your hopes too high, though: you’ll get a monster hangover if you mix with Poppy Zed or Ziggs, Lurkers, Dragons and Darkness. But it can crush weaker decks, has a really easy time against Ping City, and can hold its own against Plunder.”
“We have Ziggs Swain back on the menu, by the way.”
“You’ve tweaked it a bit, haven’t you?”
“Yeah.” He fakes a grave voice. “’I’ll end this’. Cool line, but wasn’t working.”
“I thought you said this was a bit weak against the field?”
“Last week? Sure was. Now? Looks like it’s kicking like an angry mule. Best part? Chews Rally Elusives like a sad chicks through chocolate.”

A’ight, forget those damned beer taps – what’s the weirdest stuff you’ve got?
He chuckles. “Don’t pull a tantrum on me, chief. I don’t make the meta, I just serve the drinks…”
Up again comes the Blue Hammer bottle. “Before you start complaining, chief, just hear me out: Poppy Zoe. Like, you sure haven’t played that much Targon this Season, have you?”
“And I guess that yapping Yordle from Hell makes Targon playable?”
He shrugs, and lift his palms.
“Is it any good?”
He raises an eyebrow. “Do you want risky or not? But, yes, packs a punch.”
“If you’re down for something bubbly, Fizz Nami is still an option.”
“Wasn’t a fluke, then?”
“Apparently not. Not strong against the Big Boys, though: dies to Poppy Ziggs ‘n’ Zed, Darkness is tough, Gangplank is rough but doable with a bit of luck. But has an easy time against Taliyah Ziggs, Thralls, Lulu Poppy, Akshan Sivir and Lurkers.”
“Why do people keep playing that crap, anyway? Lurkers, I mean.”
“You’re the one asking me for crazy drinks, chief.” He smiles. “You sure you need to ponder too much about why folks stick to what they like?”
“Now, if you wanted to play some Targon, without falling back to yappy Yordles, I may have something for you: not new, really, but getting traction as of late, Aurelion Sol/Thresh.”
“Well, nothing better than a big-ass Space Dragon to make my Timmy heart glad!”
“May make your heart spike with joy, too, chief. Plunder, Darkness, and Dragons are tough – and if you find Yordles hugging a tree, you’re gonna cry a river of blood. But it’s very good into Draven Sion, Ping City and Poppy Ziggs. And can hold its own against Poppy Zed.”
“If you want something with a lot of ice…” Cubes clink into a wide glass. “And don’t mind a few hairs in your drink…”
“Do I really want to know where this is going, Jericho?”
“… Frozen Leblanc, here you go!”
“Hehe… I would had never pictured the Rose as, well, you know… hairy.”
“Me neither, chief. But the yetis she comes with, them sure don’t shave much, let me tell you. Don’t mix with Draven Sion, Lurkers, Plunder or Bandle Tree. On the other had, Thralls, Ping City, Akshan Sivir and Taliyah Ziggs, that’s smooth sailing.
“And, well, you know what I think, chief.” He produces a flask of Broken Blade. “When bored and in doubt, mix Riven with whatever floats your boat. In this case, Akshan Riven.”
“Hum! Well, I can sure see why Fragments and Warlord’s Palace would mix well, to be honest…”
He nods. “Some of the other customers were keenly interested in this mix. Still trying to get the proportions right, though; if you take this blend for a spin, let me know how it worked out for you.”
“And, well, this one’s on the house. An import, if you will; just arrived from the Far East: Frozen Jayce.”
You chuckle. “Do I have to worry about hairs in my drink this time?”
“Actually, in here, you don’t. Coworker two streets down, at the Blind Luck Pub, is mixing it with Elnuks though. But I find this here mix to have the most kick.”

Some hard-kicking brews later…
… the fog has lifted outside The Pilgrims Road.
Tuesday has smoothed its jagged etch, and Wednesday is a long while from arriving.
Night’s still young. There are brews to try!


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There's more where that came from! =)

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2021.11.30 11:56 keri112493 Eli5 if governments run a deficit then where do they “borrow” the money from?

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2021.11.30 11:56 Strandpapucs VLOGMAS 2021

Ha gondoljátok, lehet itt egy gyűjtő, ahova jöhetnek a negatív/pozitív gondolatok az idei vlogmas videókról. Illetve írjatok neveket, hogy kinél lesz. Akiket en tudok így hirtelen: Tamara, B.N.R, Forma1 Kata
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