Buying a car in Socal from Norcal. Long distance.

2021.10.27 01:02 TiffyFluff Buying a car in Socal from Norcal. Long distance.

Basically, I found a car I want and can afford. Great.
I contact the internet sales, they give me a price break down, all is good. I can't pick up the car for a week(I work and it's a six hour drive), I tell them this and they say that's fine.
They ask me to wire transfer the money for the full price of the car, and give me their bank information.
At this point I haven't signed anything, I've gotten assurances that it's a refundable process. But when I ask about a docusign, they say they don't do that. They said when I get there I can go over all of the official paperwork.
Unfortunately, now I'm weirded out. And truthfully I don't know how this process should work.
Anyone to offer advice on their experience, or how this process should go I would greatly appreciate it.
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2021.10.27 01:02 Coding-goblin When you’ve got gems to spare

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2021.10.27 01:02 EleckTrick99 Mega absol raid inviting 5

8631 5032 0973
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2021.10.27 01:02 if_or_when Your voice became my inner critic

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2021.10.27 01:02 VillageMagician Google search engine sucks! But is there another alternative....?

Look, I hate google's search engine for many reasons (here on it will be refered to as simply google)... There was a point in time before it was noticeably manipulated, filled with adverts, politically biased, etc. That time has passed, and likely will be gone forever with google.
I recently changed my default search browser to duckduckgo. As much as I loath google, and as much as the above points are true, I ended up using google for my searches at least half of the time.
Its the simple things which puts google over the top. For isntance, being able to type in a single word followed by "meaning" or "definition" and having the full dictionary version of the word pop up with synonrms and examples and much more informaTion on that word without clicking anything is a very nice feature. That is just one small but significant features which makes it hard for me to ditch google.
In time, I feel like duckduckgo or even other search engines will get these features under their belts and thus win myself over 100% of the time.
But for the time being, I hate admitting this but, I will continue to use google for these features. There are many of them and I wont elaborate on every single one. Word definition feature is just a great example that I use almost everyday. My hatred for google has not eclipsed the desire to not spend extra time on other search engines.
Right now, I think the absolute best reason to use alternatives like duckduckgo or whatever else may be out there, is for searches that are.... controversial, political, sensitive, etc.
A good example would be a casual search about drugs - relax I am just making a point here. In the past, you'd get a legitimate search from google which subjected the terms to the algorithms used for every other innocent (or not) entry. Now, guaranteed almost 100% of the time, the first result will be from with the entire 1st page being along the same line (or very similar sites/results). So somebody could be researching harm reduction methods and instead of being directed to a useful page on reddit or bluelight, you get nothing but type results.

Again, this is one of MANY examples...
TL;DR - Duckduckgo is a good alternative for google but falls short in some areas... is there a search engine that we can use which is truly google-like ? (minus the flagrant issues with google)
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2021.10.27 01:02 RedArrow1264 I’m out here promoting our favorite stock. I type this and when they ask I give them a very brief explanation. Mainly on why it’s not a pump and dump

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2021.10.27 01:02 ZoolShop ‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Love and Basketball (and Male Insecurity)

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2021.10.27 01:02 VRT-49 Her güne bir söz #3

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2021.10.27 01:02 NotThatMeme Exhaust is California?

So i was looking around and although everyone says Tomei i recently saw the Amuse R1 Titan exhaust which is a bit more expensive but different from the usual Tomei. Its pretty nice here's a link to it.
Now i just wanna know if theres a way for me to find out if it will pass smog or even if its legal here in California. Im going to college soon so im likely not going to be in California anyway so I can wait if I have to but i just wanna know if its possible to get now.
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2021.10.27 01:02 Agere_duck SHES SO BIG AND FLUFFY IM GONNA DIEEE, what should I name her?

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2021.10.27 01:02 sacblacknation5842 Shib is the shizzle fo nizzle

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2021.10.27 01:02 whatsareddit12 Windshield Defrost Triggers A/C

Through some experimentation, I have made the discovery that anytime I have the blower control set to any setting except off, and directed to either windshield defrost, or windshield defrost Plus floor, the air conditioner engages. This causes a dive in the fuel efficiency! I don't see a documented anywhere that this should happen, but it may just be the reason that different people are getting such wildly different numbers in mpg. I intend to install an A/C cut off switch, so I can just have heated defrost without the air conditioner. I may make another post to let you know how it goes.
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2021.10.27 01:02 firesidechats451 Only Begotten Son

The world rejoiced when the Savior finally returned. His faithful sang His praises and the nonbelievers fell to their knees, begging for forgiveness. He smiled and welcomed them, inviting all into His love.
He performed miracles, and His following grew. The blind saw. The lame walked. The deaf heard. Many followed Him.
But not all.
There was a small portion of the population who refused to see the evidence before their eyes. Atheists. Heathens. Christians who insisted this was not the real Savior. They all fought His love and sought to bring down the great Kingdom He’d created on Earth.
This couldn’t stand. He’d come to bring Peace. And so He spake unto His followers:
“My Father requires blood to anoint His Kingdom. Go forth, and to all who will not bow, lay waste.”
His followers were unquestioning in their loyalty. They rooted out all Heretics and cast their heads before His throne. None were spared, not even the babes, on this Holy crusade.
He bid them search harder. Leave no stone unturned, for any hidden Evil was a threat to His Kingdom. So they accused and interrogated, erring on the side of caution, slaughtering those who may even think of turning against Him. Brother fell upon brother and father upon son, until it seemed to each and every person that they were the only true righteous on the whole earth!
They were still slaughtering when the Heavens opened, and the true Only Begotten Son descended.
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2021.10.27 01:02 MrScrufflleZ What pros have you met in game? Share your stories!

Ive met Qrtz in casual and Retro and Bosco in the first SI event, in two different games, both times on the enemy team. I managed to kill Bosco twice but we still lost 0-4, as most of my teamates were silvers.
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2021.10.27 01:02 mister_medusa Picked up this small lot yesterday and I am very happy with it :)
Haven't had any great success in a while but this weekend finally turned things around and I wanted to share my "score."
Found a listing on Kijiji for the Fantastic Four books and asked they had any other comics not up for sale. There were two short boxes I went through and this is what I brought home for $55 CAD. There were a few books left behind that I would have loved to grab but I was working with a budget. Some bought for spec, some to sell, and some for actually reading :)
33 comics in all. At $1.67 a book, I am very happy with the results.
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2021.10.27 01:02 -BFW-NotSooopa What is something dangerous that people continue to do, no matter how obvious it may be?

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2021.10.27 01:02 og_m7 Police @ Hedrick

Anyone know what went down @ Hedrick ?
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2021.10.27 01:02 DFELuv I like a girl but we don’t know each other

So about a month ago I gained a interest in a girl so I started asking around and found out her name and what she’s like but we don’t talk and I don’t know to spark a conversation. I find it weird just to walk up to her and start talking I’m shy and I feel it would be awkward. So I don’t really know what to do and how to become friends with her.
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2021.10.27 01:02 Butcher_Pete2 Best coach settings for MyCareer?

I turned on auto offensive play calling so the coach would call plays and get the players moving. Before they were just standing around doing absolutely nothing. Now that I did tho I’m the one standing on the corner doing nothing.
I’m in the pistons and I’m a SG. Anytime I get the ball it immediately tells me to give it to Cade Cunningham (PG of the team) then for me to go in the corner and stand, then Cade and the other players do their thing, waste the whole shot clock and then Cade pulls up a contested shot.
Any tips on how to make myCareer fun? I’m tired of standing in the corner. I want to be a part of the ball movement.
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2021.10.27 01:02 aBadModerator Discover Hetch Hetchy with Harrison Ford

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2021.10.27 01:02 therazorclicks Blast from the past, OFT

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2021.10.27 01:02 lightwood1340 Happy 3 year anniversary to caos

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2021.10.27 01:02 wutsthuhdeal Messaged my guy friend saying we need to have a marathon of our two favorite shows. We’ve never hung out one-on-one before. Will he know I meant it as more than friends?

Guy friend and I are fairly close. We message on snap every day all day long - are each other’s number 1’s on there (not that I’m sure it matters, just stating how much we talk) we talk on the phone sometimes, and occasionally FaceTime and it’s for hours if we do. He’s always down to hanging out when I ask, I’ve never really flirted or shown that I’m interested.. because I’m older and hesitant to. but others say his actions scream that he’s into me, he’s just not making a move.
anyways, He started watching my favorite show, and I started watching his. We traded off. So, I mentioned that we should have a marathon and watch both and he said, “that sounds like a good idea.” said we need to make it happen, he set “bet.” When he said this, I thought maybe he was just being agreeable to be nice, so I said, “naw, like I’m being for real.” then he said, “I am too.” I asked when and he said he wasn’t sure as he wouldn’t be in town for a couple weeks, I then said we’d do it when he’s back in town and he said “sounds good.”
We always hang out in just groups, but this time I just said “we should do this” instead do of my usual, “group of us are doing this, wanna join?” So, is it a good sign that he’s willing to hang out alone with me? Does he seem genuinely interested to do it, or just being nice?
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2021.10.27 01:02 nuttyprofwd Ultimate Chaos

I was watching the Hallostream for Eurogamer and got to thinking, would anyone else like to watch a crossover stream with Luke, Mike, and Ian. I remember the chaos caused by the Space Buddies and absolutely loved it.
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2021.10.27 01:02 kawana1987 Looking for some sort of grunge metal, trap Mashup genre...

I don't know know much about the genre at all, but I'm looking for a genre of trap music that has really gnarly, nasty base lines. Ideally instrumental. I wish I had some examples to give but I don't remember any at the moment.
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