But I'm The Author.

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2021.10.27 01:32 elija_snow But I'm The Author.

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2021.10.27 01:32 ExternalPure Boss idea #8

Boss idea #8
Hp: 7.6k Exp: 25k
Weapons: 9 Swarm launcher 3 Smol auto cannons 1 Bigg auto cannon
Abilities: Sidekick: Summons 2 Battleships to Help the Boss (sidekick build: 0/2/0/6/6/6/7/4)
Swarm stun: Stuns the enemy's around him for 3 sec and Attacks the enemy's with Swarms
Facts: No discovered facts about the boss
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2021.10.27 01:32 montanababy62 Thoughts on this roster for DIGNITAS ?

I reflect this is a solid ⠀3-4th place team, that can be not super expensive but still has a chance of being successful. Hauntzer Dardoch Pobelter Sneaky Aphromoo
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2021.10.27 01:32 Slore0 19 Civic Sport signs of a bad alternator?

My Civic’s lights have been diming and getting brighter when I’m at lower RPM, basically in parking lots. I know the voltage output changes with RPM and all that. However, with motorcycles (what I’m a tech on) if the lights brightness fluctuates then it usually means your voltage regulator is on its way out. I know cars use alternators and they don’t quite work the same. So, I’m wondering if I need to get the parts on order so I’m not stuck somewhere or if it’s totally normal?
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2021.10.27 01:32 Kitchen_Ad492348392 Art Supplement

I’m submitting an art supplement for colleges, specifically for film, are there any rules about using songs in the videos (copyright, clean version, etc.)? Right now I just have the clean version for all songs
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2021.10.27 01:32 King_Westminster Kishi with ipad mini 6 (usb-c edition)

Im getting frustated by the lack of options, so I'm taking it into my own damn hands and brute forcing a solution.
Does anyone have a usb-c ipad, and a kishi? I want to know if the ipad will accept the signal from the usb-c connector. If yes, then I guess I'll buy one and dremel out the kishi housing to fit the tablet, since it's small enough to most likely fit.

Also side note, christ almighty how frustrating is it to have all these options and not a single one of them work. I've been tearing my hair out over what should be a simple solution for days.
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2021.10.27 01:32 TheVirginVibes What decent paying jobs hire you immediately (or under two weeks)?

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2021.10.27 01:32 pogginonmypog What are you going to be for Halloween?

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2021.10.27 01:32 danksouls109 Zato tips?

I've picked up zato and went online with him, got poo pooped on and still had fun lol. But any tips on when you're put into the corner and in general?
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2021.10.27 01:31 naptime-nic My roommate leaves food out for hours then eats it.

While I actually like this roommate, he’ll cook food, eat, then he’ll leave the leftovers just on the stove until the next day, warm it back up and eat it again. So like 12+ hours later, not refrigerated🤮 I’ve seen him eat food that he’s left out for days (like 1-3). I’m not sure if he is aware of food safety, but the bacteria on there is having a party.
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2021.10.27 01:31 THC-N-Booty WTS wizardspike for Pul

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2021.10.27 01:31 Lighttning7771 Nightmare speedrun fresh start

Anyone want to team up to speedrun to the first checkpoint
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2021.10.27 01:31 JhoLow_1MDB LPT: Always read the contract you sign in the emergency room before signing and use your rights under EMTALA law

Often times when someone goes to the ER in the hospital, they will be given a form to sign. That form often states that you allow to be treated. But often times what gets buried in there is that you are also signing your financial life away because you are agreeing to pay 100% of the bills. This is extremely important, because if you happen to need emergency care at an out of network hospital (e.g. you're traveling out of state and break your leg) you'll probably be getting socked for huge medical bills that won't be covered by insurance. But here's the kicker - federal law requires hospitals to care for all urgent and emergency patients regardless of whether they agree to pay or not (EMTALA). That means when you get the form to sign in the ER that tries to get you to sign your finances away, you are well within your right to demand the the hospital remove all clauses stipulating they you agree to pay the hospital bill. The hospital will still have to treat you.
The point isn't to skip paying a fair price for care, the point is that hospitals constantly rip patients off with huge markups on medical care. Fight the bills and demand you pay a fair price like an in network insured patient would. The hospital will predictably send you to collections. Once you get sent to collections, demand to see a written record showing that you have an obligation to pay the bill. But the collections agency won't be able to, because you deleted that portion when you signed the agreement in the ER.
Of course there are issues when you're unconscious etc. But get whoever is close to you and who'd likely sign the forms to also be aware of your rights under the law.
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2021.10.27 01:31 MathematicianNorth60 My fridge + magnets + papers.

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2021.10.27 01:31 Ghost-Rider9925 Anyone know how to make this kind of bin label?

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2021.10.27 01:31 leooard77 Time flies

There was a time
When they were birds of the same feather
And all their friends said
That they looked great together
Surely they knew
That it was too good to be true
So they just called each other
Their best friend, although
They were always more than that
But no matter how much they tried
They ended up tongue tied
As the tide of time took them
To different shores with different people
Now they see each other once
Or twice in a long while
They throw playful jibes at each other
He asks her kids about their likes
While she treats his boy with
His favourite delights
And as they pass each other
They smile everytime with courage
And try not to think about a world
Where time was their friend
And they could tell the world
They were always more than best friends
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2021.10.27 01:31 mynamehere875 damn he sucks

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2021.10.27 01:31 Remarkable-Gold4869 Does anyone know what the M in M Stephen Lett’s name stands for?

My guess is it’s Moron. Moron Stephen Lett.
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2021.10.27 01:31 Sure-Helicopter-9518 How to buy or win heroes?

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2021.10.27 01:31 dunkkacino Currently listening to punisher on loop so phoebe bridgers is higher in my top artists on spotify wrapped

The deadline is october 31!
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2021.10.27 01:31 Quick_Difference9045 Adding Everyone

No idea what my friend safari is.
Trevor 4356 - 6731 - 0867
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2021.10.27 01:31 SCP-049_orignal the bee lady will take only 5 :>

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2021.10.27 01:31 datguywind Shemira by Carmen Torres

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2021.10.27 01:31 vVv3xXx (M4F) I can give you a world weaved with the fabric of your choosing, if only you can listen and help me along the way Fantasy/Sci-fi/apocalyptic

I pulled this from my book, my main character Theadora, suffers from night terrors that twist the darkest creatures forward to her sight, something I suffer the same from. I give this example to show my writing in seeking a female long-term partner. This is not edited, unless you considered Grammarly an editor haha. I won't write this long every time but maybe a few paragraphs unless it is just a conversation in which I will pull on the senses of a character to add more details in the events unfolding. Please enjoy, details are after the page...
I take in that deep sudden breath, not the one for oxygen, but the one that proves to yourself that you are still alive. Choking on my disbelief and stumbling back, falling witness to the absence of a wall that once stood at my back in my home. It was the very ash that fell before me, not even a skeleton of its remains to prove that I did not just imagine it here. I cough out, gagging on my own wants of what was here, rather than preparing for what was coming. Rather than collecting myself, I fell witness to the very thing that destroyed my life. The mushroom cloud loomed over me not 20 miles from my current location. The blast did not throw me from my home but found myself in the center of its nonexistence. Each breath I drew in only shoved ash farther into my lungs, the absence of pain was worse. Not feeling what is wrong, questioning the very fabric of your clothing as if it would give you a sign that your leg is missing, like it was hiding inside the shredded lies. Everything I ever worked on, that I knew, gone in the flash of the exclamation mark that would begin our end. The howling of the wind might as well have made me deaf, if it was not for the recovery of my senses as if I was a booting computer. Feel, negative, I can't feel pain, I should feel tapping of ash laying down across my pale exposed self, smell, check, burning flesh, hair, cinder, brimstone, my breathing is calming. Keep pulling on your senses Theadora come on, hearing, check, the wind is louder than my thoughts , but I hear it, my left ear is recovering. I don’t want to see, but my sight is working, only working in the past, I am only seeing ghosts of what was here. The taste of iron danced in my mouth with my tongue, a performance I knew too well at this point. Attempting to stand again, expecting to lean on a leg that doesn't exist,out of anger, hate, annoyance my lungs ripple as I let out a scream, it becoming one with the sirens above, as if being grabbed and jerked through a window, i watched the scene change from death and hellscape of destruction, to the dim light of my bedroom, i fell asleep on my back and as i went to move to my side to shake the images that still ripped through the blinking imprint behind my eyes my body did not respond. I lay paralyzed, fearing what always came next, the horrors that lay in the back of my mind always crept out to play. I could feel paranoia seep out from my bones, seeing an insignificant creature in the middle of the room, I could hear the squashing and eating of something but its back faced me. You would wonder what it was consuming so violently if not for your sanity being ticked away every second now. within a single blink, the chewing was right next to my face, the creatures breathing heavy with excitement as it whispered,'' Remember me?” as its batted wing arm grabbed my face and ripped backward as if gravity invalidated my life my lungs sank.
I tried to struggle against the meat hooks that dug into my face, but they continued to pump cement into my veins, quickly drying to where my flesh stretched and cracked like a used porcelain doll. I was immobilized, my only saving grace was screaming as loud as possible in hopes it would leak out to someone who would fucking help me.
The scream began echoing back in the walls of my mind, losing my ability to even know if I was still screaming or listening to my own self made tortured music box, I watched what i thought was someone run over and used both hands to grip my neck; they had no face, missing key features that made a human face:human, it began squeezing harder as my lungs were already filling with failure. I attempted in vain to move once more.
I jerk awake.
Here’s a bit about me:
I’m a 30-year-old Retired Marine Vet, male, and from the United States in Washington State. Yes retired at 30, I suffer from multi health issues physically and mentally from chronic fatigue, VCD, to mental problems like PTSD and so on. I write and draw and I am a paid DM for DnD with 5 groups of 4to6 people that all play in the world i created. They all say I need to write a book about this world, so here I am trying. I have been in RP since various chat rooms back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and used these as creative power to pull from when avoiding my torments. I am actually still best friends with those exact people. The world "Loki" is deep, with magic and science co-existing together. I follow Arther C. Clark’s third law, which states that” any sufficiently advanced tech is indistinguishable from magic, or, if you will, a miracle..
Writing Style and Approach
My posts frequently range in the 3-4+ paragraph range, it is less if of course just a conversation but in those cases; I try to use their senses to fill gaps. I look for details and would like someone who does the same, we must have the same chemistry in intelligence and trust. Comfortable with each other, someone who would actually love the details, and add to them.
For me, the pre-writing, collaborative stage is as enjoyable as the writing process itself. I know that some writers prefer to jump head-first into writing the story itself—with minimal discussion. Based on experience, this approach is due to the fact that some writers fear that too much discussion may “reveal” too much of the plot prior to writing. While this is certainly a valid point, I enjoy exploring the characters’ backstories, emotional orientations, cultural groundings, and other such factors. It’s more with regard to developing a creative discourse with my writing partner to truly immerse—and “live”—the experiences of our characters. To me, it is this level of exploration and collaboration that truly make collaborative writing a much more engaging process as compared to solo writing.
I prefer to write my stories via Discord now, but I am internet challenged haha so I will need you to set this up.
Hard Requirements in a Writing Partner:
I ask female due in part to I am more comfortable with a woman. Also, I am a male writing a female as my main in my book. Someone I can ask questions to would be great, and opinions.
Honestly, like I just did showing you a page of my book, please rip me apart if there are things wrong or make little sense. I don't get offended at all for you to correct me, matter in fact I ask for it. Honesty is very important and if I'm to write this book ongoing, i need that.
You are free to make any character you want to play in this world, you can choose to be on Earth as the events happen that will lead to Loki, or just start on Loki after all the events. Pretend this is a DnD session haha
I need understanding from you, i lack in some departments in emotional content, and my grammar often can be bad (i use Grammarly to help), i had to relearn the English language among other things so I'm behind on it. So i won't have perfected writing like most of you.
If it is alright with you, this RP will help me understand how my characters react to another person, because in my head is definitely not right compared to real people i think. I often question movies and never understand most TV shows, so im missing a puzzle piece, i need your help.
Thank you so much for reading, please feel free to message me if you are interested and i can answer questions you may have, i am a very open person and nothing is too weird or wrong to me, because in all honesty i don't know better lmao
Note: this is not only for my book, but this is also for fun!
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2021.10.27 01:31 throw_away_4269 Putting together some numbers to see what to buy (for now only those that haven't breached ATH). Suggestions?

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